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Yazawa Gakuin

Ai Yazawa Inspired

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Hi and welcome! This is a community for fans of Ai Yazawa's work. While the community was made with Gokinjo Monogatari and Paradise Kiss in mind, you are free to discuss any of Yazawa-sensei's works here. In addition to that, we encourage you to post anything inspired by her work such as clothing, jewelery, or art.

♥If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. This speaks for itself, and will result in banning at the discretion of the mod.
♥Try to stay on topic. Yes may can post about dying your hair pink just like Miwako. No you may not post a picture of your hamster because you think he looks like George.
♥Critiques are only allowed when specifically asked for and only constructive critisizm allowed.
♥Do not post advertisements for other communities or use this community solely to sell your ebay auctions. This also relates back to the second rule. It's fine if you mention your things are for sale, but this is community is to share and showcase creativity. It is not your personal classified ad.
♥Please post pictures behind lj-cuts. You may post one picture before the cut, but it must be of a reasonable size (about 500x500 or smaller).

Rules are subject to change/addition. Any and all questions/complaints may be directed to your friendly owner and mod queenginny

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