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Sep. 21st, 2007 @ 04:39 pm

In a world where Jackie Chan, Ani Difranco, Neil Gaiman, Regina Spektor, Han Solo, Debbie Harry, The Beatles, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Brinn and Jesus Christ all existed at some point, why should it be so unlikely that the many characters that inhabit Ai Yazawa's manga coexist...and interact?

From the creators of absolutely nothing of importance comes a roleplay dedicated to all of Ai Yazawa's manga.

The game's start with take place during the start of Paradise Kiss, NANA and Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. The ends of Gokinjo Monogatri and Kagen no Tsuki have both been wrapped up several years before, and the characters of the latter are now in high school. But these characters have not been living in different worlds. All the little threads find themselves intertwined, so tightly knit that perhaps there aren't such things are plots or different universes...just one world.

Look around, find yourself in central London, in Westiminster, in Chelsea. Around you mill about all the punks, the designers, the high school students, the artists and professionals that make up your world.

It's been turned upside down, meat side out, and the cast all lives in London.

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taken characters

love_isa_place ---- ai_is_ooc

SGMS Fashion Show Aug. 29th, 2007 @ 07:08 am
Deadline in Two Days

Open Call for Designers - Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits, Minneapolis, MN

even more icons (NANA, KnT) Aug. 27th, 2007 @ 06:31 am
It's okay in the day, I'm staying busy
Tied up enough so I don't have to wonder, "Where is he?"
Got so sick of crying
So just lately
When I catch myself, I do a 180
I stay up, clean the house
At least I'm not drinking
Run around just so I don't have to think about thinking
That silent sense of content
That everyone gets
Just disappears soon as the sun sets

This face in my dreams seizes my guts
He floods me with dread
Soaked in soul
He swims in my eyes by the bed
Pour myself over him
Moon spilling in
And I wake up alone

If I was my heart
I'd rather be restless
The second I stop, the sleep catches up and I'm breathless
This ache in my chest
As my day is done now
The dark covers me and I cannot run now
My blood running cold
I stand before him
It's all I can do to assure him
When he comes to me
I drip for him tonight
Drowning in me, we bathe under blue light

His face in my dreams seizes my guts
He floods me with dread
Soaked in soul
He swims in my eyes by the bed
Pour myself over him
Moon spilling in
And I wake up alone
And I wake up alone
And I wake up alone
And I wake up alone

(8) Kagen no Tsuki, (9) NANA. Enjoy!


Current Music: Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone

SGMS Fashion Show Deadline fast approaching Aug. 27th, 2007 @ 08:45 am
We're coming up on the deadline, so if you live in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin, this is for you :)

Open Call for Designers - Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits, Minneapolis, MN

Also, it looks like if you register before August 31 you get a $10 discount on entrance into SGMS. Do it if you can, it's worth the $10 savings. The thing is, because it's a conferance/workshop at a huge art college, it's a bit expensive. They fly in academics from around the world as well as amazing artists to teach you manga art. We had Udonone year! This year is Tania Del Rio (of Sabrina the Teenage Witch). She's very nice. The artist from our convention went to college with her, so they go way back. Also, Jeremy Rossfrom Tokyopop usually does a portfolio review and because the group is usually under $100 people, you can spend the whole weekend with the guests. Crispin Freeman is coming again this year and he's just about the biggest sweetheart ever. The lady who used to run the fashion show with me is a professor of fashion at University of Indiana. I always call her the Doctor of Fashion since she actually has a doctorate. Heh :) Anyway, there are usually good fashion talks as well as the fashion show on Friday.

*plug* Plus, you can prereg for Kakkoi|con :) *plug*

Well, I suppose that's enough. Email me if you are interested or have any questions about the show at all. I think I have enough models in the pool, so if you are a designer or hair and makeup artist, definately contact me. Thanks!

x-posted so everyone can have an opportunity to apply :)

l a s t . q u a r t e r Aug. 25th, 2007 @ 02:53 am
A few icons (10) from Kagen no Tsuki. Also (2) from Tennai.


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» love inspi' reira (icons)
Most of these (9 total) were taken from the chapter Takumi's Story - hence the title.

If you haven't read that chapter, slight spoilers ahead? Not by much though.

Teasers: "Yumeko-chan!?"  "Very good!"

» new icons ( theme: ♥ )
New icons. All (11) from Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai.


» Icon post ^^
[9] Pirates of the Caribbean
[4] Tsubasa RC
[2] X
[3] Blue Dragon Ral Ω Grado
[2] Naruto
[5] Fullmetal Alchemist
[2] Hellsing
[5] Gokinjo Monogatari
[7] Paradise Kiss

[6] Dogs


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» 100 icons
here there are my 100 nana icons. Phew, it was fun...

(click here)
» ~update
Hey all! ^_^ I'm new to the community and, after joining, got this sudden inspiration for making icons. So I'll share what I made.

...I haven't been all that frequent in making them before, so if they seem amateur-ish or something just bare with me, because they probably are.. ;0; - But I did try my best. I'm hoping Photoshop will help me discover new options besides word warping and color filters.. Though, if that's your thing you'll definitely love these.

Series included are NANA (9) and Gokinjo Monogatari (5) .


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