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Shameless advertisement, anyone? - Yazawa Gakuin

About Shameless advertisement, anyone?

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Frustrated at the sudden abandonment of nana_mirror and parakiss_rating? Annoyed by how nana_rating failed to take off? Ever wonder what character people may consider you to be? How about from Gokinjo? Others?

Well, this is the community for you. A brand-new Ai Yazawa stamping community, one that I and others will actually manage to get off the ground, one that will not be abandoned, and one that will involve more than one-word answers to define where you would best fit in a given series.

As of right now it's only going to involve NANA based ratings (despite the Parakiss-themed banner - Shh!) , but as we grow we'll include some of her other series. I'm still developing it, obviously, so the layouts and surveys will probably be up in a week or so (depending upon our other soon to be moderators). If you're interested in helping out, comment here. Or invite yourself to the comm and comment here afterward.
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