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Gokinjo cover art? - Yazawa Gakuin

About Gokinjo cover art?

Previous Entry Gokinjo cover art? Jan. 27th, 2008 @ 12:23 am Next Entry
I've been looking for the alternate cover art - not the one that all links together showing a picnic between the main characters, but the  simpler illustrations with Mikako on the front. Currently the only place I've found that has these is animepaper - But you have to register to the site and, God help me, contribute something, which I don't really have the means to do, especially if I'm only using the site for maybe 5 or 6 different images. It just seems like a waste, basically. Making wallpapers isn't my talent, either, it's avatars, and the site doesn't seem to support anything small like that.

So.. If anyone knows where I can find scans of these, I would be grateful.
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